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Pre-Development Process
Global Code Design continually meets client expectations by delivering the expected outcome using our Your Website, Your Way project life cycle program. Our Pre-Development Process phase, described below, lays the foundation for successful website design, development, deployment and maintenance.

Requirements Collaboration

Preliminary Draft
Requirements Polishing
Design Completion & Approval

Step 1

Requirements Collaboration GCD experts spend the necessary time with the perspective client gathering general information about their business growth needs and discussing website requirements in terms of layout, functionality, user experience and maintenance.

Step 2

Preliminary Draft GCD experts prepare a draft proposal to present to the perspective client for review. Once the review and any revisions are complete, and the perspective client approves, GCD proceeds with building the website design project proposal.

Step 3

Polishing GCD experts work with the perspective client to put finishing touches on the website design. This step includes discussions around graphics, logos and flash technology integrations. Meeting the perspective clients business growth needs and website requirements is assessed at this time.

Step 4

Design Completion and Approval GCD experts present the finalized website design proposal to the perspective client. Upon approval and contractual agreement, development begins for GCD’s newest client!

In depth…

Our Software Development Services Global Code Design (GCD) prides itself as a Software Development Provider, which through a high margin of flexibility meets the unique needs of each business, whether large or small, with solutions that utilize innovative and trends based technologies.

Our Technical Skills: Our professional team of developers uses cutting-edge technologies.

Our Areas of Service Expertise:
GCD provides expertise in, and has experienced successes in, the following areas of service:

  • Software Engineering
  • Custom development and design
  • IT Consulting
  • Solution Design
  • Software Product Development to integration services
  • Software Maintenance and Support
  • Comprehensive Software

We are constantly working to advance our knowledge of new technologies and trends and our skill sets expand every day.

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