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Developing Software for Start-ups

A great idea is always found with smart people; one which gives them sleepless nights. An idea which comes with hope. Ideas which makes a different future possible. Engage yourself in the future, where your idea is a development tool.

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Together, we will get there!

You need a trustworthy company; a company you can trust with your ideas, your goals, and your finance. While this may sound challenging, it is possible. Being indecisive is not your best option. Besides, you cannot reach your “dream future” without a decision.

A company whose clients have the peace of mind to sleep peacefully knowing their partnered company cares and will effectively get the job done is the best company to consider. With us, everything to begin your start-ups, from experience, technical expertise to complete trust with clients are available to ensure a successful project.

Now and always, getting an entrepreneur’s dream up and running is our highest priority!

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Services – Software Development for Start-Ups

For future changes and convenient maintenance, every app has to possess a well-planned and stable core. To make these qualities available, below are what we do:

  •    Business Analysis

For every successful startup project, there is a developmental project in place. We ensure that the target audience and possible competitors are figured out to develop an ideal feature list prior to establishing the project.

  •    MVP development

With us, it is our practice to streamline the product to the integral qualities only so as to bring your product into the market quickly. By getting your primary product into the market swiftly, we will be able to evaluate responses, which will save you funds without wasting time or resources.

  •    Product Pivot

Our brand develops flexible software for the sustainability of your product. By doing this, we will be able to effortlessly pivot once the users’ review suggests another means towards a rewarding market acceptance.

  •    Technology Migration

In most cases, startups do rely on the services from the third-party to ensure a swift and effective development process. However, our brand designs app architecture to provide a rapid migration in a situation where service closure or a startup decides to change any third-party utility with its custom mode later on.

If you will like to test our services, you may send us your specifications to get a plan.

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By working with us, what do you stand to achieve?

  •    Outcomes of every iteration

Our approach towards every development involves the Agile method. An agile method includes a consistent improvement, scope flexibility, contributions from the team and client as well as the delivery of high-quality products. Through a regular contribution and improvement after each iteration, you will never be left behind. You will adequately be informed about the current stage of your product with an ability to evaluate it after every iteration.

  •    Plan before development and reports after development

Our agile approach also involves transparency. You have the chance to monitor the plans and activities of your teams. Hence, you will be well informed about where and what your funds are being applied on.

  •    Effective Client Communication

One of the best means to enhance the development of startup software is through constant and effective communication with the clients.  We ensure this by keeping an open line across all our communication channels at all times, leaving clients to freely discuss their aims, observations, or feedback on any part of the project, whenever they want to.  

  •    NDA for start-up software

An NDA agreement with us is always a pleasing idea to ensure that all your details are secured. Perhaps, you have introduced some specific management terms to your field team due to security reasons; we will be glad to apply for our outsourcing team also. We offer post-release support by staying to celebrate your success by the time your project will be launched while we also make sure that everything runs smoothly.

  •    Committed Team

The scope of your project will determine our choice of developers. However, if you prefer your team to raise the project alone, we will stick by your idea. It is encouraged to interview every personnel in your unit prior to the beginning of the project.

  •    Experienced Team squad

We work with team members who have more than seven years of successful experiences within their portfolio to ensure a stable workflow.

  •    Team Augmentation

We have six departments in our brand. Every department has a specific area of specialization. Also, we have every resource to add new expertise to a project if necessary swiftly.

  •    Convenient communication

Your convenience is part of our priority. Hence, we run several means of communication which include email, Skype, Slack, Redmine, Jira among others. You are the one to choose what works best for you.

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Project Booster Toolkit

Our brand possesses a set of reusable elements which any app contains. Hence, through the use of our Project Booster Toolkit for your app development, you will get a custom app and yet, get to enhance the rate of an initial stage of the development process.

It's time to Start-up!

For further inquiries, kindly contact us today. We will be glad to hear from you!

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It's time to Start-up!