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GCD believes Social Media is part of today's marketing methods. In order to be productive you must use Social Media.

Blogging: a shared on-line journal where people can post diary entries about their personal experiences and hobbies; “postings on a blog are usually in chronological order”

It’s Benefits: Websites and blogs are the most powerful tools for social network marketing in comparison to other networking tools. Blogs provides a direct channel into a community that has an already established sense of trust

Personal (Company) Website or Blog: Your company’s website

It’s Benefits: Your site will help your clients to know about you and your company. It will establish a sense of trust and offer the consumer a branded experience

Articles: An expensive marketing method through which your business writes articles regarding products and/or services

It’s Benefits: This technique can attract a large amount of users across world dependent upon where the articles are posted.

Use of Social Networking Websites: Social networking websites include those such as Twitter and Facebook

It’s Benefits: Social Networking sites have immense benefits for marketers. Social Networking sites allow marketers to leverage a huge target audience that is built upon personal trust

Video Promotions: The use of several video distribution websites for online marketing

It’s Benefits: A great deal of a potential consumers online experiences revolves around videos. Videos are also a non-static, 3D-esc way of reaching the consumer and creating positive feelings towards your brand/product/service.

Press or Media Releases: Statements and or information released directly via the press or other sources of media

It’s Benefits: This technique attracts several public clients and increases the businesses relationship among them.

Search Engine Optimization: Improving the overall traffic to the businesses site by providing quality web content, using rss feeds and many other techniques

It’s Benefits: SEO will enable your business to reach a broader audience and in turn drive potential sales.

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