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Pre-Development Process

To provide businesses with more guaranteed sight traffic, Global Code Design (GCD) offers services in managing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns GCD will first seek to define the goals and objectives of the PPC campaign with the client and will continue to work with the client throughout the campaign steps specified below:

Lead Definition

Our first step, after defining the goals and objectives of the PPC Campaign will be to determine what constitutes a lead. We must consider where leads should come from. Geographical area, for example, would be one of the considerations regarding targeting.

Bid for ROI, Not Position

PPC efforts range from ego bidding to ROI based bidding. Global Code Design  (GCD) suggests an ROI based bidding strategy. The bidding strategy will be determined and take place during this step of the campaign process.

Campaign Re-Structuring & Expansion

Global Code Design (GCD) will utilize new Ad Groups in Google. The implementation of the use of Ad Groups will allow GCD to contain keywords logically, target ad copy more effectively, and create a structure that anyone could step into and manage.

Keyword Expansion

Global Code Design (GCD) will seek to expand the keyword selection from 1 to well in to the 1,000s by using 3-word and 4-word combinations. Note: Keywords must use a variety of phrase, and exact match types.

Leveraging Negative Keywords

In order to control costs,  Global Code Design (GCD) will include negative keywords to prevent ads from being displayed for less-qualified keyword queries. By using a wide range of negative keywords, Global Code Design (GCD) can create a better Click through Rate, higher conversion rate, and improve the Quality Score for ads in Google AdWords. Note: improving quality scores for ads in Google AdWords will help us to bid less for keywords without sacrificing ad position

Additional Search Engines

Global Code Design (GCD) suggests the initial use of Google AdWords, however, yahoo as well busienss.com cam ne used to reach a larger number of qualified prospects. For these additional search engines Global Code Design (GCD) can use the same model that is implemented for Google AdWords to replicate great results.

Landing Page Creation & Optimization

GCD can/will create landing pages for high-volume keywords to improve conversion rates.

Tracking & Analytics

GCD will lastly use web analytics to track individual keyword performance beyond simple conversion tracking codes.

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