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Android is a Java - based Operating System for all your handheld devices such as Mobile Phones, Android Phones, iPhones, iPads, Windows Tablets, PDAs and EDAs.The Android OS consists of key components such as applications and application framework, libraries, Android run time and Linux core.

Android Application Development at GCD

GCD employs a Mobile Development team with expertise in using the Android SDK (Software Development Kit). This framework includes the important Android Emulator and Android ADT (Android Development Tools) plugins that extend into the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to help create the high performance mobile apps you need.

Our team utilizes the following salient features of the Android SDK in the application development process:

SQLite for data storage management efficiency Comprehensive 2D and 3D Graphics Libraries enabling a desktop-like view on your mobile device Wide range of libraries for audio, video and image files Rich Development Environment supporting the various tools needed to design, build, run, test and debug the Android applications in a run-time environment Bluetooth, 3G, EGDE and WIFI support Touchscreen, Video Camera, GPS, Accelerometer and Magnetometer mobile device features support Tools for Google Maps, Personal Information Manager, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) communication, Short Message


Android Application Development Advantages

GCD gives you the Android advantage, so that you enjoy the following benefits for your mobile apps:

  • Low-cost mobile application development due to its open source nature
  • Robust and stable mobile apps, and safeguarding of your mobile device against anomalies and crashing with the Linux core
  • Simple and flexible application development process that minimizes the build timeline

Our team members apply their experience, expertise and ingenuity in designing your customized mobile applications to meet all your personal and business requirements.

You will see the Android magic unfold itself in front of your eyes on your mobile device screen!

Our Scope of Custom Android Apps Development Mobile apps development organizations are currently experiencing a tremendous growth in projects to meet the increasing demand for engaging mobile applications.

With Research In Motion’s Blackberry device being more business-oriented and iPhone reaching its peak, there’s a bright opportunity for Android to tap the untouched areas of the mobile development market. GCD comprehends this well and offers custom Android apps development in multiple areas, including:

  • Social networking
  • Lifestyle
  • Entertainment
  • Health and Fitness
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Personal Utility
  • Business and Finance
  • Security
  • Third party libraries
  • Internet

Android Game Development

For A Sensational Gaming Experience

All the great innovating features of the Android-based mobile games are leading to an explosion of use and interest from the Android audience.

GCD’s Mobile Development team is highly skilled in building customized mobile games for your Android. They have the aptitude to code complex programming instructions to deliver mobile games per your specifications. All team members have a thorough understanding of the Android technology and utilize its salient features listed below to deploy mesmerizing games on your Android device:

  • Low-cost mobile game development due to its open source nature
  • Robust and stable mobile games, and safeguarding of your mobile device against anomalies and crashing with the Linux core
  • High degree of mobile game customization in the initial development stage permitted by the Linux core
  • Fast mobile game development utilizing the powerful Java engine to access the wide range of libraries and tools to deliver your games in a short timeframe
  • Android’s equal development standards do not discriminate between mobile core apps and third party applications enabling our team to take maximum advantage of your device’s capabilities to enhance the performance of its apps
  • SQLite database and data storage management, as well as powerful 2D and 3D Graphics Libraries provide for an enhanced gaming experience

Let GCD Deliver Your Android Mobile Games

Taking the mobile game world by storm, Android fills the gap created by the Blackberry and iPhone, giving you the ability to have custom games built to your very own specifications.

With a strong mobile development industry presence in USA, GCD is well-positioned to provide you with complete Android mobile games development services in its hi-tech state-of-the-art development center.

You can have your Android mobile games built by the GCD Team of Mobile Development experts and you can easily supervise the progress of your projects remotely, from any location around the world.

At GCD, you can select and hire the proficient Android mobile games programmer of your choice at surprisingly low rates. Our flexible hiring options empower you to conquer all of your project budget and implementation challenges. You can relax and enjoy the following benefits by counting on GCD for all of your Android games development needs:

  • Android mobile games built to your specifications
  • Affordable rates that are highly competitive
  • Fast development and deployment of games
  • Short project completion / delivery timeline
  • Enjoyable and hassle-free experience that includes a high level of interaction with your programmers giving you complete control of your project from start to finish

Android Software Development

Enhancing Application Performance on Your Android Phone

Android is an operating system with a software stack for mobile devices that includes middleware and key applications.

Android Software Development at GCD

GCD’s Mobile Development team of experts utilizes the latest version of the Android SDK (Software Development Kit) to design and build custom Android application programs.

The Android SDK includes audio / video / image file libraries, debugging programs, emulator, testing and other tools that enable the GCD team to accurately customize software for your mobile apps.

The GCD team delivers the benefits of the latest Android SDK in the form of:

  • Latest Bluetooth API
  • Multi-lingual speech synthesis engine
  • Multiple supportive display resolutions and density
  • New gesture framework
  • Multi-touch Mailbox
  • Quick search box

The GCD Development team utilizes the vast and rich Java libraries to develop software applications for the Java-based Android. GCD-built applications perform efficiently on your Android device and give you as well as your clients, complete satisfaction.

Scope of Android Software Development Services

GCD creates software programs to customize third party applications on your Android phone so that you can draw maximum benefits and / or output. GCD supports Android software development services in following areas:

  • Personal Utility Tools
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Multimedia
  • In-house and Field Applications
  • Banking
  • Online Shopping / e-Commerce
  • Social Networking / Messaging / Fun Applications
  • GPS Navigation

The GCD Advantage

GCD operates a hi-tech state-of-the-art development center in USA employing only the most knowledgeable Android application programmers.

Selecting GCD as your Android software development company, gives you the following benefits:

  • Android software delivered to your specifications
  • Fast development and deployment timeline
  • Affordable rates that are highly competitive
  • Seamless support and maintenance services
  • Flexible hiring options to meet software development project and budget needs
  • Optimum mobile apps performance

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