Windows Phone Development

Global Code Design (GCD) offers the highest quality Windows Phone 7 development at the individual, business and enterprise-level for surprisingly affordable rates. GCD's Windows Phone 7 development team has the high level of experience and expertise required to utilize the development tools and leverage the innovative user interface, functionality and powerful development platform offered by Windows Phone 7 technology.

Depending on the specifications of your project, features that GCD incorporates into your new product may include MultiTouch screens, Push Notification, GeoLocation and others. Whether it's a rewarding enterprise-wide system, a satisfying social application or an entertaining new game, you will look forward to using your new Windows Phone 7 product every day.

Mobile Internet Explorer

With Mobile Internet Explorer (IE Mobile), included on your Microsoft Windows Phone 7, you can manage your life and your business from just about anywhere. Now, whether you have a touch-screen or non-touch-screen device, you can enhance your IE Mobile experience with customized applications and games designed, developed and delivered by the technology experts at GCD, giving you the options you need to enhance your experience with the full on-the-go Mobile IE browsing capability and other features inherent in your Windows Phone 7 device.


GCD offers the ultimate end-to-end Windows Phone 7 application development services that utilize the powerful Windows Phone 7 development platform to support your lifestyle needs as well as to manage and build your business. Windows Phone 7 provides numerous features for building cutting-edge web-integrated applications including Cloud computing. Our Windows Phone 7 dedicated application development team members are experts and well-versed in the latest Windows Phone 7 development kits as well as all programming languages.

GCD supports the following Windows Phone 7 application categories and more:

  • Business
  • Education
  • Travel
  • Finance
  • Children
  • Social
  • Health & Fitness
  • Lifestyle
  • News
  • Entertainment
  • Networking
  • Photography

GCD designs, develops and delivers Windows Phone 7 gaming applications that meet your personal and business goals. GCD collaborates with you to expand upon your game ideas and build games that will continually capture your interest and surprise you.

At the business-level, with the volume of Windows Phone 7 devices that can carry these games, companies in the gaming space must continually offer cutting-edge technology and entertainment to retain the interests of its savvy gaming customers around the world. GCD collaborates directly with your team and you to build upon your game project requirements and deliver an original spectacular and captivating final product. Let's create the next "big thing" in Windows Phone 7 games together!