Facebook Applications

Facebook, the prominent worldwide social media platform, offers social bookmarking, advertising and branding options for social entertainment and networking with applications such as games, quizzes and surveys. On the business front, supporting a fast, effective and efficient method to generate brand recognition and revenue, Facebook applications are great tools that help make your product and / or service offering marketing "go viral" to attract new customers and build new revenue.

At Global Code Design (GCD), we develop engaging, user-friendly, interactive and secure custom Facebook applications that operate on Facebook's website to entertain, expand your network and help 'globalize' your business.

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Twitter API

People from all over the world join Twitter's fast-growing social networking website daily. You can follow individual people, events and businesses as well as give and collect opinions, announce news and more. Twitter is an important marketing tool to promote products and services offered by your business and build brand name recognition with a Twitter API (Application Programming Interface).

Complying with the Twitter API development protocol, Global Code Design (GCD) professionals will create a Twitter API designed to help your business reach a new revenue plateau by empowering you to build a large number of followers when Twitter members search and find your business to follow.

Connect your business to Tweets and generate new revenue today!

Google Plus Apps

Just when everyone thought Facebook and Twitter were enough, Google launched its revolutionary new Google+ social media platform. Google+ is about connections, data and people. Global Code Design (GCD) will build a custom Google+ App for you that is integrated with your website so that it can instantly recognize users who sign in using Google and welcome users by name, display their picture, connect them with friends, allow users to recommend your website's content and a lot more.

A GCD customized Google+ App can help you grow your website faster, manage your life and have fun, maintain a professional online presence and promote your business.

Are you ready to use Google+ to your advantage?

Other Social Networks

Social media continues as the #1 online activity for people of all ages and stages of life, challenging and propelling everyone to go above and beyond the traditional means of communication and advertising methods to conform to the new highly-interactive social media strategies. Essentially, social media has created a shift in how people discover / read / share information, content and news.

Social networking websites give us the power to communicate and interact with each other and develop relationships using computer and mobile devices. When you as an individual, your brand or your company join social networking websites, you enable people to interact for personal or business reasons with a very connected feeling. Social media marketing can be a mix of many components, including social networking, instant messaging, e-mail, blogging and more. The most popular social media networks include Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube.

Regardless as to the specific social network that you frequently use, Global Code Design (GCD) is here to help you achieve your personal and business aspirations and goals by creating customized personal and business applications to your specifications.

Are you ready to be Social Network empowered?